Black Women Dating White Men

These days, while distracted with one’s everyday grind that life likes to toss at us we are easily able to forget the past decades, and for that, I am extremely proud.

What we had for dinner three nights ago is a mystery in many a household. But what of the real life challenges changes. and the struggles. Many of the elder black women in our families not wanting us to forget are still quick to retail life’s tale.

In their day dating white men was not only frowned upon but strictly illegal. Now, thankfully anyone looking to their right and left are able to smile at a happy sight. Black women, white men, and any other interracial group is not only legal it is highly probable. black women dating white men

Black women dating white men, for example, is one aspect of our everyday life that has become so normal and accepted that we forget that it has only actually been allowed to occur for the last fifty years or so.

Who can recall the dating scene of the past? Was interracial dating forbidden? We all know the answers. Black women dating white men, if seen, was not only taboo but simply not a selection or a choice. Many family trees throughout the years can relate and understand more than others.

America has been known to have many dirty “little secrets.” Attempting for years now to master the hiding of its ugly side. History books, however, are packed full of more than its fair share of skeletons in the closet, especially pre 1948 – 1967.

That time frame includes back when California was the first state to find it unconstitutional to disallow interracial relationships, such as black women dating white men.

Sadly, it took until 1967 for the United States Supreme Court to get things right, as they should have done long ago. White men became free to date whomever they pleased. A black women dating was free to follow her heart. No rules or presets remained allowing the United States to become the great and powerful place to live we have today.

The changes America can proudly shine, smile, and boast about include statistics such as one in seven United States marriages are ethnic or interracial in nature. Like the photograph seen at the beginning of this piece black women, white men, and interracial families are not any big deal.

WOW! What a happy change for the black women dating white men, and for the people around the world as a whole. Walt Disney has even played a powerful part in helping the mental growth of our youth.

The millennial generation (persons currently in the 18-32-year-old range) not only help to encourage the multi-ethnic family now they are incredibly supportive of them. Considering that they are now of the age to be thinking and considering settling down, marriage and creating families of their one, this is a very good thing. As long as the current patterns, trends and mentalities be allowed to continue there is no reason that the next marriage minded generation can continue to see upward growing numbers of black women dating white men. Having the freedom to select a mate, dating the object of one’s desire, and ultimately having the power, freedom, and ability to marry the object of their burning desire.

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