Black Men Dating White Women

Black Men Dating White Women From the Man’s Eyes

I recently read a superbly written article by a New York writer by the name of Ernest Baker. In this piece he broke down interracial dating from the perspective of the black men dating in a way that I had not really stop to think about. It was rather a sad read actually when one stops to see the social issues that interracial dating had been put into place by no fault of his own. Amazingly awful as well is the fact that his story is also like so many of white women dating have referenced in the past as well. Black Men Dating White Women

Black Men Dating White Women From the Female’s Eyes

I have read many articles and blogs from the female perspective of their dating black men and one thing always rings true, they are looked down upon, segregated, and often mocked by strangers, friends, and in many cases their very own families. No matter who the female is the moment one learns that they have paired into a black man dating white women scene they are no longer the same. Should they have children together the children are looked at differently as well. What did they do to all of a sudden change?

Interracial Couples Dating Throughout Their Own Family Generations

Having family members that joined from an interracial dating style that have since been married and had children I have had first hand knowledge of just the things that Mr. Baker pointed out. The children of that connection have now grown, married, and had children of their own as well. Sadly, I report that the struggles remain the same from one generation to the next none of which have any true barring.

Time To Make A Society Based Change: Black Men Dating White Women IS NOT A SIN

There is no reason whatsoever that stigma and ignorance should be allowed to continue standing in the way of a person or couple’s happiness. We no longer live in the dark ages so why are there so many aspects of those past time’s mentality still continue to shine and come through. The time has more than come for the world as a whole to make a change in the society based mentality that they allow around them.

Black men dating white women is not a sin! There should be no second glances made, no snide comments allowed, no frowns, or those that look down upon remaining as long as both parties have entered into the interracial relationship of their own free will. The same can be said of ANY relationship that is or has been formed.

Embrace Equality. Embrace Individuality. Embrace A Person As A Person.

If each and every person in the world would take the time to embrace equality, individuality, and a person for whom they are the world would have no choice but to change. All it takes is one to start a new trend. Join hands with the person next to you, no matter who they are, and create a memorable, and great new possibility for the future. It will only work, however, if someone starts it off just as is the case with any new item, trend, or thought process seen throughout the world’s history.

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